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Qualifications Sought in Rector Candidates

Qualifications specified/sought in accordance with EMU Academic Staff Cadre and Employment By-law are as follows:

 Qualifications Sought in Rector Candidates (Qualifications sought in accordance with the By-law for EMU Academic Staff Cadre and Employment)Evaluation Criteria
aTo hold the title of full professorship

EMU Academic Evaluation Committee Professorship Criterion

(For further information:

bTo have a minimum 15 years of successful service of academic career in universities or at international institutions, or in the state or private sector after having been awarded the doctorate degree.Over 15 years of professional employment period (post-doctoral period)
cTo have an excellent command of English and Turkish. Knowledge of a second and third language will be considered an advantage.Certifying the level of Turkish if the candidate's mother tongue is a language other than Turkish; being a native speaker of English, or holding a university degree from an institution which delivers instruction through the medium of English,  or having worked as an academic staff member at an institution as such, or having work experience at a country which has English as its official language or presenting evidence  confirming language proficiency level
dTo possess extensive knowledge on the goals, principles, and systems regulating higher educationThe candidate is expected to duly fill in the Rector Candidate Information Form (to be published at