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  • 26 September 2023

    Eastern Mediterranean University Rector Vacancy Announcement

    The present vacancy post has been announced by Eastern Mediterranean University Board of Trustees Office.

    Eastern Mediterranean University is to accept applications for the “Rector" position. 

    Qualifications sought for this position are as follows:

    1. Possessing the title of “Professor" (meeting EMU ADEK Criteria; and to have minimum 15 years of successful service of academic career in universities, or at international institutions, or in the state or private sector after having awarded the doctorate degree.
    2. Possessing extensive knowledge on the goals, principles and systems regulating Higher Education.
    3. Having an excellent command of English. Knowledge of second and third foreign languages will be considered an advantage.

    In accordance with the “Statute Establishing the North Cyprus Education Foundation and Eastern Mediterranean University", applications will be evaluated by the Senate and a candidate will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

    Applications will be addressed to the North Cyprus Education Foundation, Board of Trustees. Candidates may submit their applications as well as other supporting documents in a closed envelope to the Eastern Mediterranean University Documentation Unit either in person or via mail. The envelope containing the application should bear the “Application for Eastern Mediterranean University Rector's Position" on it. Applications will then be transferred to North Cyprus Education Foundation Board of Trustees' Secretariat (Tel: +90 392 630 3232) via the Documentation Unit. 

    Deadline for applications is 6 October 2023, Friday, until the end of the working hours.

    Further information on the applications will be obtained by contacting the phone number specified at, the webpage of the “Eastern Mediterranean University Rector Candidate Determination Committee" or via the said Committee's e-mail address,

    Basic Personnel Rights of the Rector:

    • Salary - Professorial salary (scale 7), Rector's administrative allowance
    • 13th salary
    • Social Security and Provident Fund premiums in accordance with TRNC laws and regulations
    • Housing benefit

    For the details and application please contact the following:

    Eastern Mediterranean University Board of Trustees
    Tel :  +90 392 630 3232

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